Allied Bowling Anticipates Successful Season

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, sporting events move insidebringing life to allied bowling. Every winter, coach Eric Evans takes the team to the lanes to get practice before playing against other schools. When the school day ends, the team heads over to Timonium Lanes, where they bowl a couple games every day, tone their skills, and build a family-like team.  

The games are the classic ten-pin style. For those who don’t know, ten-pin use the larger pins and a regulation sized ball, not to be confused with duckpin, which has smaller pins and the smaller bowling ball. Ten frames per player, each player gets two rolls each frame to knock over as many pins as possible, except in the last frame, which one has an opportunity to roll up to three times.  

While the team is there to bowl, their main goal is to have fun. It’s not about winning it’s about having a good time.  

“I really love getting together after school with my friends and getting to really know one another.” player Laura Root (’21) said.  

The best part about bowling is just having a good time with everyone and getting to bowl every day,” four-year captain Addison Leisher (’20) said. 

As a captain Leisher encourages the team to do their best. His goal for this season is to average a score of 200 to 210 a game and help bring the team back to the county championship game held in Woodlawn. 

The team won counties two years ago and is hoping to return this year. 

“My fondest memory was from the county game when we won by a good amount.” Leisher said. “It was just a lot of fun all around, from the beginning to the end of the season.”  

 I would like to see us win the county championship again, I think we are good enough to go back and win it,” Coach Ric Evans said. 

The team has a few tricks up their sleeves, such as ‘the strike dance’. The strike dance is a dance one does to celebrate rolling a strike. Not all players have a strike dancebut for those who do say it makes the game that much more fun. 

The players that make up this team include, Root, Leisher, Lexi Koogle (’21), Nathan Jones (’20), Russel Stevenson (’20), Jayson Hilliard (’20), Olivia Hazelgrove (’23), Ian Yocum (’23), Tyler Harlan (’21), Ben Yocum (’21) and Chloe Brown (’23). As a team they hope to win the County Championship, but individually, they hope to make close-knit friendships and enjoy their time with the team. The team is off to a great start to the season, winning their first couple of games.