Students spread holiday cheer through Secret Santa

It’s officially the time of year we’ve all been waiting desperately for the holiday season is upon us. As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, families in the area begin to prepare for the upcoming celebrations. Christmas traditions begin as we get further into December. The sense of joy can be found almost anywhere, including our very own Hereford High School. One being secret Santas. Not only do our peers participate in this tradition, but faculty do as well. 

Students have started their own traditions in school. Classes such as AP Environmental Science and Chamber Choir have been participating in Secret Santa for the past two years. Classes and sports teams have taken on the tradition for themselves. A group in an AP Environmental Science class, one of the entire Chamber choir classes and Girls’ soccer team have chosen their names and are on the hunt for the perfect gift. 

“It helps develop more connections and strengthen our relationship, which is important in a class that involves cooperation as well as team effort,” Caroline Story (’21) said.  

Everyone in the group blindly picks a name for whom they will buy a present. Sometimes there are certain rules to follow, such as a price range or a certain gift theme like musical. It’s all up to the group participating. The identity of the gift giver is to remain a secret until the gift has been opened, hence the name Secret Santa. 

“This activity can build relationships and connections or even make old ones stronger,”  Nately Der (’21) said. Der is participating in four Secret Santas this holiday season. One being in AP Environmental Science. 

Essentially, it’s a way for friends to get together and have their own Christmas day.  Caroline Story (’21) is participating with her Chamber Choir class as well as doing it with a. group from her 9th Grade AP Environmental Science class. 

“I’ve been doing Secret Santa for a couple of years now with a group of friends I’ve had since the ninth grade, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with them since we don’t see each other much,” Caroline Story (’21) said. 

For the first time, girls’ JV and Varsity soccer teams are taking part of their own Secret Santa. Captain Laura Schmidt is hoping that this will give the girls an opportunity to create a bond for their upcoming season.  

 “Being given someone that you’re not close with gives you an opportunity to get to know them and get them something cute,” Laura Schmidt (’21) said.   

The faculty members have been able to take part in their own secret Santa, for a couple years now. Their secret Santa works a little differently. Instead of just one day it will last four days, where each day faculty members will receive a gift.  

“I like that we fill out an information sheet of things we like and don’t like along with things we are allergic to,” Kolette Moran said. 

She feels that the secret Santa is an overall successful tradition and looks forward to it every year.  

Secret Santa is a good way to bring family and friends together for the holidays. It brings the community together and can strengthen old relationships and form new ones. If you wish to bring a group of friends together and create a strong bond secret Sants is one of many ways to do so