Reese Harden dribbles her way to success throughout her high school career

Reese Harden (’20) has been playing varsity basketball since her freshman year, being the only ninth grader to make the team that season. At the position of point guard, she has proven to be a crucial part of the team by becoming one of the top scorers each year. Harden will continue her basketball career at Messiah College next year.

Harden began playing at a young age and, from the moment she stepped on the court, she had obvious skill. Her talent and dedication have gained her immense respect from her teammates and coaches.

“She’s always really positive,” teammate Trina Gerovasilis (’20) said. “If she messes up, she shakes it off and keeps focus, which is a good quality to have in a teammate.”

Along with her positive attitude and perseverant mentality, her experience with the game has earned her the position of a leader on the team. Besides the school team, Harden also plays for the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) outside of school, where she competes with and against talented players on her team the Maryland Bells. Her skills have earned her many accomplishments, including First Team All-County, First Team All-State, and First Team All-Division. On top of that, Harden just achieved 1,000 points in her high school career early on in the season.

Although Harden takes her playing seriously, when asked what her favorite part of the sport is, she replied with, “being a part of a team.” She values all her teammates and will miss playing with them next year.

“My favorite memories are before each game when we are all together and playing music really loudly,” Harden said.

While she will miss her teammates and playing for the school, she is excited to see what college ball has to offer.

“I’m looking forward to the competition,” Harden said. “Playing in college has a lot more competition, so I’m excited for that and to get better each day.”

With the loss of six seniors, the team needs leaders to step up, which Harden has already done.

“She is the coaches’ coach on the floor,” Coach Fitzkee said. “She is our floor general and controls the tempo of the game. She has the most experience, so others look to her for guidance and support.”

Although only in her second season of coaching Harden, Fitzkee has been watching her play since her freshmen year and has seen her develop into a strong player.

“[Harden] has matured in every aspect of the game,” Fitzkee said. “Reese has improved specifically in handling the ball against pressure, and as a weak side rebounder. Her understanding of the game allows her to help bring out other teammates’ strengths.”

Besides Harden’s undeniable talent, one of her best qualities is her treatment of her teammates.

“If you make a mistake, she will always be there to pick you back up” Gerovasilis said.

Harden’s dedication will be greatly missed by her teammates and coaches next year. For now, however, she is focused on having a successful final high school season full of growth. Come support Reese and the rest of the Lady Bulls at a home game this season.