Dance performs first time ever two-show program

Before the show begins, the dancers have a pre-performance tradition. In order to hype themselves up, one company member will stand in the middle of the other dancers and yell phrases to which everyone else jumps and responds to.

“It’s kind of like what sports teams do before their games.” Sarah Caplan (’21) a member of dance company, said. Caplan choreographed a contemporary piece titled “On the Rise”.

Colorful lights illuminate the stage as dancers showcased their abilities in tap, modern jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. Dance teacher, Erin Norton, and members of the dance company choreographed a majority of the pieces.

For Nicole Carnaggio (’21), the process of arranging a dance starts with the idea,

“Normally, I come up with a concept first and base the costume and song off of that.” She is planning on choreographing a spring tap dance.

Leading up to the winter show, Norton helps prepare the students by providing enrichment and afterschool time to rehearse.

“Ms. Norton always tries to make extra time for anyone who wants more practice. She also has company members lead warmups for all the classes. This allows everyone to get in the same mindset and loosen up,” Caplan said.

Many audience members would think a dancer’s favorite part of a show is the performance itself. However, for Caplan it is moments leading up to the stage that she appreciates most.

“Getting to be with everyone before the show has always been my favorite part. While, we’re getting ready and eating, I feel nervous but excited,” Caplan said. “I also love being on stage because of the adrenaline rush and having the ability to share what we’ve been working on with the audience.”

Unlike previous years, this was the Dance program’s first time hosting two shows. They performed on Thursday, Dec. 12 and again on the following Saturday.

“Since our program keeps growing, we wanted to give everyone more chances to perform and we brought back some alumni,” Carnaggio said.

The dance program will have two shows on April 23 and 24 for their spring showcase.