Spirit Restored in Home Football Games

Being someone who transferred to Hereford last year, there were many differences between my old school and here. The one that stuck out to me the most had to be the lack of spirit and fans at sporting events, especially football. This year, however, has sparked a change in the lackluster spirit.

At my old school, home football games were the highlight of everyone’s weekend. Everyone showed up and the bleachers were always filled.

My first football game here, I have to say I was utterly disappointed. Not only were there not enough students to make a student section, but there were also no themes at any of the games. It’s disappointing to see no one come out and support their football team on a Friday night, especially considering American culture. Football games are a time to show pride in your school and bring together everyone in the community. That’s why this year, with the help of Spirit club, things have turned around.

The night before the first home game, the Spirit club and some other seniors decided it was time to step up school spirit and make these games the place to be on a Friday night. Some seniors got together and made a giant “student section” banner to place on the back of one of the sections of bleachers, so students know to all sit together. A theme of USA was also put in place, along with students advertising it on social media to sway more attention towards the game.

When game time came around, I have to say I was extremely impressed with the turnout. The student section was filled with the most students I have ever seen at one of our football games. People were dressed head to toe in USA gear, and for most of the game people were standing up and cheering loudly.

Although the game was concluded with a loss, the unity of our community that night was more than it has been in a long time, and I have a feeling this year will bring plenty of spirit.