“Sad” songs are taking over the music industry

Katie Blair, In Focus Editor

These days it has become increasingly popular for teenagers to listen to what most consider to be ‘sad music,’ which refers to music by artists such as XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD, Billie Eilish, Lil Peep, and more.
Although not all of their music is dark, some of their most popular songs are written about feelings like sadness, pain, loss, or loneliness. Even though they sing about more negative topics, these artists have still become extremely valued by many.
Many seem to think that to be able to listen to this type of music, they have to be a generally sad person. I enjoy listening to many of their songs even though I’m a very happy and outgoing person.
But, when my positive attitude fails to help me with a bad day, I choose to listen to songs that match my mood. If I’m sad, there’s no way that I’m going to play happy or hype songs on the drive home because it wouldn’t make me feel any better. Music is very easy to connect to, and it can make everything so much better if I can relate to it.
The relatable aspect of the music is the most important part. Obviously, it would be difficult to relate to the exact scenarios in some of the songs, but there is always at least some way to relate to the lyrics.
“Everyone can find their own meaning behind [the songs] even if it’s not the dark meaning that [the artists] had intended for it,” XXXTENTACION and Billie Eilish fan Ella Maley (’20) said. “When you’re sad or in a bad mood, people can listen to [them] and it’s a way for them to find someone to relate to.”
Even though I don’t listen to this music that frequently, it can be therapeutic. It brings variety to the musical norms in our generation, which usually consists of happier content.
The perspective of the artists are portrayed in such a way that listeners can relate their lives to. This is the reason why this genre of music has recently filled the Spotify and Apple Music playlists of many.
“I enjoy their music because it offers a different sound and more relaxing style than most artists,” XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD fan Seth Bowen (’20) said. “Most [artists] come out with music that hypes people up.”
It is important to have variety in music and that is exactly what these artists do. Billie Eilish recently came out with new songs such as “come out and play” and “when the party’s over.” Her songs offer more soft tones and a calmer sound.
“I like how [Eilish] has many different types of songs and that it’s not just one style,” Eilish fan Anna Coleman (’19) said. “Also, her music is calming.”
It is great to have this type of music in our society today. Whether it acts as something to relate to or a fresh style of music to listen to, this music plays a big role in our society and is important to have.