Athletic brands making a comeback


Maggy McGuigan

Champions active wear has recently had an increase in popularity and therefore prices too. The brands status in the 90’s makes their comeback less surprising.

Maggy McGuigan, Reporter

If you’re struggling to fill your Christmas list at the last minute, look no further than 19 years ago: the 90s. 90’s—inspired trends are characterized by the logos of classic casual-wear brands like FILA, Champion, Puma, and more.

It’s obvious that our generation is obsessed with bringing back vintage trends, and we’re more likely to steal old ones than to start our own. An example of this is the current infatuation with athletic brands that are newly considered “high-end” fashion. We even see A-list celebrities sporting them.

These comeback brands have completely taken over top stores like Pacsun and Urban Outfitters; their collaborations have put a modern twist on classic apparel and accessories. Urban Outfitters has helped reintroduce FILA, Champion, Calvin Klein, Kappa, and others to a new generation of shoppers through a stronger social media presence. The partnership’s dual-gendered collections have boosted both companies’ sales tremendously.

Nowadays, you can get away with wearing these retro-inspired brands both on the street and at nicer events.

Even though high demand has driven prices up, the affordability has played a key role in the brands’ successes. Now, more trendy followers can participate in the aesthetic. Compared to other luxurious favorites of celebrities, a $50 Champion sweatshirt isn’t much.

I personally like the fact that I can throw on a sweatshirt with a simple logo on it and a pair of jeans before school and still have it be considered a somewhat trendy outfit. You truly can’t go wrong when buying clothes from these companies, the more unique, the better.

The fairly basic apparel appeals to both genders and offers everyone several fashion-forward looks.

For guys, there are more interesting options than your usual Vineyard Vines shirt, khaki pants, and Sperry’s. In school I rarely ever pass a guy in the hallway with a unique sense of style. Although it may be intimidating to wear something different than your friends, wearing something new is often refreshing for those around you.

My favorite pieces to buy from popular sportswear brands are shoes. It’s currently socially acceptable to wear trendy tennis shoes with a nice outfit, and they can be a statement piece to an otherwise simple outfit.

Thrifting is another popular trend among millennials where you may find clothes from these iconic companies for a much cheaper price. Finding authentic items that no one else owns gives you a sense of individuality, unlike the result of buying the mass-produced products sold to millions.

Being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean being uncomfortable in a skirt and an itchy sweater. The comeback of sports brands allows for an outfit to be comfortable and simple while still being considered trendy and stylish.

If you’re someone who struggles to find the energy to dress nice every morning, but you still care about your appearance, this trend is the best option for you.

FILA has a partnership with Urban Outfitters. It has increased in popularity among millennials and sparked their comeback