Clubs adopt a family for the holiday season

Lindsay Clarke, Community Editor

When a family shows up to the Maryland House of Ruth, a women and children’s center, they have nothing. The holiday season to many is about decorating the tree, opening present on Christmas morning, and spending time with your friends and family. But others aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy the Christmas spirit, which is why Team One Love and Spanish National Honor Society are adopting a family from the house of Ruth.
The House of Ruth was founded in 1977 as a crisis center for women who needed to escape immediately. It is an intimate partner violence center aimed to help mothers and their children find security when they are in a dangerous situation with their partner. They also have on-site health clinics and other opportunities and services for women.
Team One Love, a club devoted to raising awareness about domestic abuse, is involved with the House of Ruth in order to support those who are affected by unhealthy relationship. Team One Love adopted a family from the Maryland House of Ruth in order to give the mothers and children who can’t enjoy opening presents this holiday season a better Christmas.
One Love goes shopping in groups with a list provided by the families with gifts lists including items such as coats, hat, children’s toys, and gift cards. Team One love has paired with The Maryland House of Ruth in the past, volunteers from the club made dinner and painted pumpkins with mothers and their children during Halloween.
“We adopted families from the House of Ruth because it is really important to make sure those who are less fortunate still get to enjoy the holidays,” One Love Executive Board member Tommie Keznor (’20) said.
The Spanish National Honor Society also adopted a family from the House of Ruth. Spanish teacher, Tiffany Bibaud, encourages the students to donate money by hanging a Christmas tree in her classroom and hanging ornaments every time a student donates money.
“We chose to adopt a family because they have escaped from domestic violence and the Spanish National Honor Society wanted to support Hispanic families,” Spanish National Honor Society member Rachel Saunders said.
The Spanish National Honor Society wanted to help Hispanic women who don’t speak English; the members of the club translated documents from Spanish to English.
There are many local shelters in the community that are in need of the support that our clubs can provide. Consider taking time out of your day to buy gifts for the less fortunate in order to make a memorable holiday.