Rewearing clothes isn’t a sin

Maggy McGuigan, Reporter

A month ago, if someone told me to wear the same things to school for a week, I would have called them crazy. For absolutely no reason at all, I wouldn’t let myself wear any piece of clothing that I had worn the week before. I thought it was a necessity to buy a new outfit for every upcoming event.

For one school-week, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I challenged myself to style five pieces a different way each day.

The difficult part was figuring out what would look good– I realized neutral colors would work the best because I could style them in different ways without people realizing they’re the same clothes.
My outfits consisted of a pair of white jeans, a dark purple tube top, a tan sweater, a black dress, and a jean jacket.

Day One: Monday was the easiest day of the week– I felt confident walking into school. I wore the white jeans, tan sweater and black converse. It was something I would normally wear, I hadn’t yet stepped out of my comfort zone.
Day Two: Tuesday was one of my favorite outfits, even though I wouldn’t typically wear a dress to school. I paired the black dress with the jean jacket and FILA shoes. I still didn’t feel awkward because I wore different pieces from Monday.

Day Three: Waking up on Wednesday was not easy. Although it was slightly relieving to know my outfit was picked out, finding the energy to dress nicely for the third day in a row was a challenge in itself. I tucked in the dress to my jeans and wore blue, Nike Royale’s.

Day Four: This was probably my least favorite outfit of the week. I wouldn’t normally wear something like this in or outside of school but, my options were running low. I wore the sweater over my dress, making it look like a skirt, with pink Steve Maddens.

Day Five: I wanted to end the week with an outfit I felt good in. I hadn’t worn the tube top yet, so I was pretty sure I would make it through the week without anyone noticing. I paired the tube top with the jeans, jean jacket, and slip on shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Because the clothes I picked out were fairly basic in color, I tried to make them more unique in other ways. For the most part, I chose different shoes and hairstyles for each day to bring out more of my personal style.

I got more compliments on my shoes than I did my outfits which proves a bold accessory can complete any outfit.

Going into this week, I thought I would dread putting on the same clothes every morning; however, I realized I have more clothes than I need. With a slight amount of effort and creativity, you can change clothes to look completely different than they did before.

Does that mean I’m going to get rid of half my wardrobe and become a minimalist when it comes to fashion? Probably not.

If there’s one thing I took away from this, it’s that no one cares. Despite what you may believe, no one pays close enough attention to notice you’re wearing the same clothes.

So if you can’t remember if you wore that shirt last week, but it would go perfectly with your outfit today, wear it. I promise that no one will notice.