Sports schedules create conflict with Back to School Night

Photo by William Wheatley. Bulls host Milford Mill for varsity and junior varsity football games tonight. The scheduled game was conflictingly scheduled the same night as Back to School Night.
Photo by William Wheatley.
Bulls host Milford Mill for varsity and junior varsity football games tonight. Multiple events may create parking havoc at Back to School Night.

   By: Samantha Janecek

     The inconvenient conflict of the football game and Back to School Night both being held Thursday, September 12, has caused controversy in the school. Since parking is already a major problem, it will become an even larger issue during these two events which both attract a large number of people. The limited spots, due to construction interrupting the normal traffic flow and the new parking lot not being available for use, will cause a great amount of congestion.

     “There will be a lot of people at the high school. It won’t be an issue for me, but it will be an issue for everybody else [attending], but the planning is no one’s fault,” said Technology teacher Mr. Brian King.

     Besides these issues of parking, parents will have to choose between attending their child’s game or attending Back to School Night.

     Not only will this controversy affect the parents, it will also affect the teachers. Football is coached by multiple teachers, and extra staff members also need to supervise the game, which starts at 7.

     Maggie Gutberlet (11) said, “It’s impractical because some of the coaches are important teachers in Hereford, and will not be able to attend Back to School Night.”

     The vacancy of teachers will disrupt back to school night and cause parents not to be able to meet all of their child’s teachers. In addition, a huge group of students play football; their parents will not meet their child’s teachers if they choose to attend the game.

     Football is not the only conflict; the cheerleaders and the cheerleading coaches must attend the game. Other sports teams, such as the girls and boys soccer, cross country and the field hockey team, all have games tonight. These games will require more cars to be at the school, whether it be the parents picking up the players or the player’s cars itself. All of these athletic events scheduled for today will take away the availability of parents and teachers to either attend athletic games or Back to School Night. The conflict will require parents to make a choice between what’s more important to them: athletics or academics?