Fall sports experience unparalleled success


Katie Martino

The girls’ field hockey poses with their second place trophy. The team was defeated 1-0 to Liberty, after winning the County and Regional Championships.

Will Amos, Online Editor

JV Football had a strong 2018 season finishing with an undefeated record.

“We brought in Coach Turnbaugh this year and practiced different formations other than the one we normally use, and we gained a lot of chemistry,” Chris Peddicord (’21) said. “A highlight of the season has to be when Josh Snyder broke his helmet tackling a guy on Calvert Hall.”

The varsity football team also saw similar success with a record of 7-3, missing the playoffs by one game.

“We had a couple rough games; if we would’ve done a couple things differently, we could’ve ended up on top,” Jimmy Kells (’19) said. “[A highlight was] the homecoming game; it was unforgettable, and everyone had a blast.”

Boys Soccer:
JV Boys Soccer had a successful season this year, finishing with a [record], one game off counties.

“It felt pretty good; we weren’t supposed to do too well, but we ended doing pretty good this season,” Jay Bowen (‘21) said.

The varsity boys made a run deep into the playoffs, beating Eastern Tech in the Regional Finals 1-0, but later losing in a hard-fought game against River Hill in the state semi-finals.

“It was a great to experience so much success in my senior year,” Aidan Brannigan (‘19) said. “Beating Eastern Tech was a highlight because they knocked us out of the playoffs last year and having our biggest supporter Liam Fanning come to our Owings Mills game, amidst his fight with cancer.”

Girls Soccer:
The JV Girls Soccer team won counties this against [team] this year and finished with a record of 7-0-2, only conceding four goals all season.

“It felt good to pull together as a team and win counties,” Maggie Foster (’21) said.

Varsity did not make it to counties but made a run in the playoffs, finishing with a 12-3 record, losing to River Hill 2-1 in the state semi-finals.

“This has probably been the closest and best team we’ve had in a while,” Rachel Saunders (‘19) said. “When we came back and beat C Milton Wright in overtime 3-2 was a great time and also beating rival Eastern Tech in the beginning of the playoffs were some highlights.”

Allied Soccer:
The Allied Soccer team had a spectacular season this year, winning many games and placing first in the Pumpkin Bowl, the season ending tournament.

“You could see the development of everyone throughout the season,” Cassie Power (’19) said.

Boys CC:
Boys Cross Country had an excellent season this year finishing second in counties, with everyone setting PRS.

“It was a nice change to be doing well this year,” Drew Turnbaugh (‘20) said. “A highlight has to be taking second at counties this year; we did well, but we still have room for improvement.”

The boys continued onto regionals where they placed first and later competed at states, where they placed ninth overall.

“The feeling of working hard as a team and improving throughout the season has been amazing,” Will Reider (‘19) said. “Seeing success reassures that all of our hard work paid off, [which was shown when] we scored really well in counties and regionals.”

Girls CC:
Girls Cross Country had yet another outstanding season, placing first in counties, regionals and states. Emily Konkus (’19) placed first, Carolina Benda (’21) placed fifth, Libby May (’19) placed ninth, Olivia Holbrook (’19) placed 18th, Piper Lentz (‘22) and Brooke Wilson (’20) both finished race.

“[It’s shows that] all the hard work pays off,” Emily Francis (‘19) said. “Seeing everyone around you get better rather than just yourself is a great feeling.”

This was the fourth year in a row that the girls cross country team won states.

“[Having continued success], is one of those feelings that some don’t get very often, but the fact that we’ve had it for the past four years is a comforting feeling; it makes us feel good about the team,” Aubrey Baier (’19) said.

Field Hockey:
JV field hockey had a successful season this year, making it to the County Championship, but losing to Dulaney.

“Last year we didn’t get to counties so making it this year felt really good,” Erin Powell (‘21) said. “We came together more as a team this year, both on and off the field, and created a strong connection.”

The varsity team was also in great form, winning counties and regionals, but losing in states to Liberty High School 1-0.

“It feels great to succeed to much because every year we lose a lot of really good seniors and it always feels like we’re going to be the underdogs, but we always come out and impress the other teams,” Madison Hackett (‘19) said.

The JV volleyball won the County Championship against rivals Dulaney.

“Most of the team thought that after we lost to Towson we weren’t going to counties, but we did go and had a great last game,” Emma Thompson (’22) said. “We won the first set; they won the second set, and in the third set we were down, but we came back to finish our pretty good season.”

The varsity team also defeated Dulaney in the County Championship and continued into playoffs, beating Gwynn Park in the Regional Championship, losing to Glenelg 3-0 in the state semi-finals.

“The whole season was a success in my opinion; the bond we all formed this year was so powerful,” Sydney Pursley (‘19) said. “We did so well this year, and this has by far been mt favorite year playing on the team.”

Boys Golf:
The boys’ golf team this year had a great season, making it all the way to states as a team. In the two-day state competition only one golfer made it to the second day, being Justin Moreira (‘19).

“This year coming in it looked very interesting because we lost three very strong seniors, and we had four scrappy seniors that were supposed to fill their shoes, and we did with the help of the rest of our team,” Connor Mann (‘19) said. “We had some underclassmen come in and get experience for next year.”

Girls Golf:
The girls’ golf team won counties, advancing to regionals, but did not win. Although the team did not win regionals, Anna Lime (’19) and Martha Kaestner (’21) advanced to states as individuals.

“We all wanted to win counties and it was great for all the girls to come out and show their skill,” Lime said. “My goal was to go to states this year; it was awesome even though I didn’t place.”

The badminton team did not win counties as a team this year, but multiple players placed at the County Championship. Zoe Hsieh (’21) placed first in women’s singles and Maren Zibell (’20) and Andrew Chung (‘22) placed fourth in mixed doubles.

“It felt pretty good [good to win counties] because the girl I was playing from Parkville was said to be really good,” Zoe Hsieh (’21) said. “During the match she wasn’t as scary as everyone said she was,

The Cheerleading squad this year competed in many competitions this season and made a run deep into the playoffs, placing first in the county, second in the region, and third at states.

“In the regular season we kept getting deductions in our routines,” Carissa Miletto (‘20) said. “We knew the potential we had and going into the playoffs and winning gave us the drive we needed to perform.”