Art teacher shares traveling experiences


Daria Souvorova

“Erecthion at the Acropolis in the rain”

Maggy McGuigan, Reporter

New to the school this year, art teacher, Daria Souvorova, brings other talents to the table such as designing and sewing her own clothes and maintaining her traveling websites.
Souvorova has been interested in art her whole life, but truly understood its importance at a young age when she moved to America from Belarus.

David Souvorova
“Reflections on my flight to Athens”

“For a long time speaking to people and writing to people was difficult, but I already knew how to draw,” Souvorova said. “From that I realized art was a really good way to communicate with people.”
She began studying at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York for her undergraduate degree, then did her graduate work at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts in Philadelphia. Souvorova then went back to Pratt for a one-year, working residency on their uptown campus in Utica. Later, she taught for three years at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and one year at Newtown High School before coming here.
David Souvorova
“Heading to Philly with Joe and Terry”

Not only does Souvorova put her creativity to use for artwork, but also toward her wardrobe.
“[I make my own clothes because] there are some things that I just want to have that don’t exist in the world,” Souvorova said. “Sometimes I look at designers and get some ideas from them and then change it to what looks better on me.”
Daria Souvorova
“Sistine Chapel- Before I was kicked out at closing”

She also enjoys traveling and documenting the different aspects of her experiences on her websites.
“I try to leave the country at least three times a year, so I have a website for my art where I also put the sketches that I make when I’m traveling,” Souvorova said. “I also have a cooking blog where I write about my travel as it relates to food.”
Art student, Juli Giza (’20), said she appreciates how for “every class as a drill we write down three positive things about our day, so we can be in a good mindset.”
Giza enjoys her teacher’s stories about her life in Belarus and her travels around the world.
“I sketch a lot when I travel,” Souvorova said. “I encourage the students to sketch as well so I show them what I experienced and how that affected my artwork.”
Her many experiences from her travels allow her to further communicate and interact with her students.