Improvements Made To The Sports Boosters


Ben Caputo

The garden in front of the stadium has been weeded and mulched. Volunteers from the Sports Boosters helped clean up this area.

Sydney Watts, Reporter

Every year, the Hereford Sports Booster committee has an ongoing need to raise the necessary funds to support the desired changes and improvements of our school. The booster committee is completely parent operated, collecting funds through donations and fundraisers.

As the new President, Mindy McCue is responsible for creating projects and providing financial help to any teams or clubs. It’s the goal of the boosters to provide the best opportunities for the student athletes and the spectators.

They focus on helping every team achieve their goal of success.
McCue has started several projects to improve the visual appeal of our stadium; a new yellow coat of paint was added to the entrance gate and plans to start working on a new roof for the concessions stands have been put into place.

“Our athletic area should reflect the pride we all feel as Hereford Bulls,” McCue said.

According to girls’ soccer head coach Brad Duvall, “they are doing a nice job of cleaning up the stadium.” He mentions that they have pulled weeds, mulched, and bought trash cans to help beautify the stadium. “It helps make our campus look a little prettier,” he said.

Duvall has partnered with the booster program, to donate half of the money collected from the girls’ soccer fundraiser, Pledge It. This fundraiser allows people to pledge a certain amount for each goal that the JV and varsity team scores.

McCue says that funds generated from membership money “will help add patio tables and hopefully make updates to [the] baseball fields.”

Athletic director Mike Kalisz said, “there are always special needs for the athletic program as well as capital improvements to our facilities.”

He wants to “enhance our facilities to make it a pleasurable experience.”

The Sports Boosters are making strides to update our outdoor facilities. They have also made some changes in the concession stand.

Margie Parker and Lisa Clarke, responsible for running the concession stands, have tried to improve business by introducing the “walking taco” and “cup of noodles” to the menu. These new items will be available for purchase soon.

Parker emphasized the importance of serving good coffee, which has not been done in the past. With the purchase of a Keurig machine, Parker hopes to satisfy potential consumers.

Student athlete Brook Overmier (’20) said “[she] definitely thinks [the] cup of noodles will be a big hit for the students and the coffee will be for the parents.”

With continued support, the Sports Booster will be successful in making our events more enjoyable for all.