AP teachers celebrate year of hard work with kickball game


Photo provided by Michelle Stachura

The AP English class celebrates their win with a photo. The team posed with the game ball.

Mark Suchy, Sports Editor

In an attempt to celebrate the hard work and perseverance of their students, AP English teacher Michelle Stachura joined with AP Environmental Science teacher Russel Drylie and AP Calculus teacher Tammy Mundie to create a kickball game for students of their respective classes.

The game is an annual occurrence and one that Stachura touts as the “AP English kickball game,” which “celebrates our year of hard work,” Stachura said.
The teams were composed of AP English against AP Calculus, while the AP Environmental Science students dispersed evenly between both teams.

The game lasted a duration of five innings, the first four and a half were competitive, but after the AP English class clinched the 3-2 victory in the top of the 4th they hit for fun in the bottom of the 4th.

The game was memorable because as Stachura puts it, “everyday with AP English is fun, but add some sunshine and kickball and you have magic.”

Both sides enjoyed the experience, regardless the outcome. “I had fun messing around with friends and being in the sun,” losing team member and AP Calculus student, Helena Rudolph (’19) said.

Pride was on the line at the turf and that ignited a flame of competiveness in many players on the winning team.

AP English student and winning team member, Jennie Howard (’19) had a multitude of catches in the outfield. Her dazzling display of defense resonated with many teammates, including her fellow teammate and AP English student, Marissa Leland (’19).

“I was just trying to make plays to contribute to the team,” Howard said, added she would “certainly recommend this game to future classes.”

A scary moment occurred in the bottom of the first when cleanup hitter, winning team member, and AP Environmental Science student, Mason Greenspan (’19) collided with catcher, AP Environmental Science student, and losing team member, Mike Rowe (’18). Both players ended up ok, but Greenspan carried a noticeable limp with him for the duration of the game.

“[The collision] definitely shook me up but I just had to play through to get my team the win,” Greenspan said.

Typically this game is casual but this year was much different. AP English student and winning team member Daniel Weiss (’19) noted the enthusiasm and thrived on the energy created.

Stachura’s favorite play was simply “just winning”   After all, the ultra-competitive English teacher extended her kickball record to a perfect 6-0 with the win.