2019 prom changes are unfair


Maggy McGuigan and Midori Day

Nationwide, Prom has always been a day that students have dreamt about. Most people would consider this as one of the most memorable moments of high school.
The changes the county has recently made prohibit seniors from holding the prom anywhere outside the Baltimore County area, and separate the junior and senior proms, forcing the juniors to have theirs in the cafeteria.

Money isn’t the problem. Since the eighth grade, we have been able to save money that we intended to put toward our prom. Often the administrators complain that the money is an issue and that the tickets are too expensive, but if we, as the students, are willing to pay, then why should it concern the administrators at all?

If saving money is the goal, find other ways to do it, but don’t put us in the cafeteria. I’m pretty sure when you’ve thought about your prom night, it wasn’t taking place in your cafeteria just like any other school dance.

Past proms were able to go to unique places outside of Baltimore County where they could enjoy the vastness of downtown. Now that we are limited to Baltimore County, where are we supposed to go? The one time we’re allowed to leave our small town, you decide to take that away too.

One homecoming is enough for the year and we’d rather not have our prom be another grind-fest. This is a day we’ve been dreaming about since elementary school and were not prepared to give it up that easy.