Brady’s Banter: I don’t play Fortnite

Brady McGee, Reporter

Scrolling through Instagram, my newsfeed consists of sports highlights, political memes (MAGA), and as of the past three months Fortnite videos; so many Fortnite videos.

Don’t get me wrong, Fortnite is a fun and inventive game. The battle royale genre has exploded onto the video game scene but for whatever reason I don’t care.

I play plenty of video games, just ask my parents, but Fortnite just hasn’t grabbed my attention the way other games do. I play sports games like NBA 2k, NHL, and Madden; and action games like the critically-acclaimed God of War. I’d venture to say at least four hours of my day are devoted to video games, it’s just none of them are Fortnite.

This is my problem with Fortnite; if you don’t play you’re immediately labeled as lame and out of the loop. By default since I don’t play I’m not very good at the game. Being a high school student who is bad at Fortnite? It’s not a good look.

It’s not like I don’t understand the game. When I’m hanging out with my friends and someone is playing Fortnite, I’m just as engaged and into it as everyone else. Maybe I haven’t given it a fair shot yet.

I think I have five games to my name which isn’t really much considering some 11 year-olds have five times that in just wins. It’s hard to get good at a game if you don’t play it and I really haven’t played that much Fortnite.

The reason I think my Fortnite career is already over comes from the fact they actually got Thanos in the game and I still didn’t play. For those of you unaware, Thanos is the big purple dude who has been all over TV in promotion for Avengers: Infinity War. I’m a die-hard Marvel fan and if anything could get me into Fortnite, it would be Thanos.

But that was a limited time game mode which is now gone. My dream of being Thanos in Fortnite was never really much of a dream especially since it was no easy task to become the mad titan in-game and like I said before I suck at Fortnite.