“Glow” crazy at this year’s spring underclassmen dance


Photo provided by Barb Plunkert

Informational advertisements for the Glow Dance are posted throughout the hallways and on social media. “Glow big or glow home” was just one of the slogans created by Student Council.

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

Student Council will be organizing a spring “Glow Dance” that is set for Saturday, April 28. The dance will be neon and glow in the dark themed, and invites all grade levels to attend. The theme was decided by Sophomore Class President, Brooke Wilson (’20) and other officers.

“We wanted something that would differentiate our dance from the other dances throughout the year, without making people feel like they had to wear something in particular,” Wilson said. “The glow theme is fun and unique but still gives everyone freedom to choose what they want to wear while still fitting in with the theme.”

Last year’s spring dance was 1950s themed. Wilson said some students felt like the theme was too specific.

“Personally, last year’s dance was my favorite I have been to so far, but I understand what people didn’t like about it,” Wilson said. “That’s why we’re really trying to take into account opinions that were brought to us last year and make the dance feel more open so everyone can have as much fun this year as those who attended last year.”

Haley McCullough (’20), who attended the 50s Dance last year, plans on attending the Glow Dance this year.

“I went [to the spring dance] last year and it was really fun, and I think it will be really fun this year with the neon/glow theme,” McCullough said.

Gabriella Kremer (’20) said she thinks the neon theme is a good idea as well.

“I like the idea of a Glow Dance because I feel like everyone in their outfits will look really cool, and the spring dances are a lot of fun to attend,” Kremer said.

Homecoming is always a huge hit, but there are definitely interesting points brought up when comparing the spring dances to homecoming.

Nikki Mondo (’21) said that she thinks she will enjoy the glow dance more than homecoming because there will be more people closer to her age attending.

“It’s a fun time to hang out with friends,” Mondo said.

Wilson also brings up the point that mingling with a wider variety of people is more common at these dances.

“The spring dance is much more intimate, you are more likely to get a chance to see everyone there instead of just the people you come with like it seems to be with homecoming,” Wilson said.

The spring dances are not as crowded as homecoming. About 800 students bought tickets to homecoming this year, and the difference in numbers is huge.

“Last year we had around 200 [people attending],” Wilson said.

For those of you who can’t stand being pushed around and being shoulder-to-shoulder with someone at homecoming, the Glow Dance might be for you.

The “glow” theme sparked ideas for the decorations and amenities being featured at the dance.

“We are working on a lot of things right now. We have a really great DJ lined up, we are ordering glow sticks to hand out, and picking out black lights and possibly other decorative lighting for the cafeteria,” Wilson said.

There will also be refreshments provided, similar to the bottles of water provided at homecoming this year and during last year’s 50s Dance.  Wilson is also hoping to provide the patio to guests, for fresh air.

“There will be snacks, waters and sodas available to buy at the dance. We are also hoping the weather will be nice so we can open the back doors to the patio,” Wilson said.

Tickets will be sold for the dance from April 9 to April 13. Students can buy tickets in the morning before homeroom. The location of the sale has not been decided yet, but further information will be on the morning announcements.