NAHS members display their work at annual art show


Photo provided by Samuel Tillman

Hereford graduates set up their displays for the annual art show in the caffeteria. The AP Studio students showed off their portfolios to guests.

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

Students in the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) will attend the art show and auction in order to display and promote their work.

As students present their art work in the cafeteria, different judges with a background in art come to evaluate the works.

Before the show and auction, an induction ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m. and concludes at 6 p.m., to induct new members into the NAHS.

After the induction ceremony, the art show begins at 6 p.m. and concludes at 8 p.m., allowing photo and art students to be judged and possibly rewarded for their work.  There is a total of $1,500 split into multiple gift cards that are able to be won for excelling in different categories.

“I’m excited to see all the different art works that people have created and I’m excited to be a part of the National Art Honor Society,” Zoey Stweart (’21), fundamentals of art student, said.

Funds are collected as family and friends of the students purchase tickets for the art auction. In addition, all members must create a piece that can be given away at the auction.

“My parents come to the art show to look at my work and my friends’ work, as well as to purchase an auction piece,” Studio art student and NAHS president Caroline Bierly (’18) said.

After purchasing a ticket, one can select any piece to take home, depending on the numerical order of the ticket.

Last year, the Hereford music department preformed during the art show and auction in an attempt to compliment the pieces. This year, however, this will not be continued as the music diverted attention and took away from the show, according to music instructional leader David Sobel.

Creating such a popular fundraiser that also allows students to debut the art they have spent a collection of time on; this show should allow all attention to focus on the students.

For some students, art is a way to express themselves emotionally; creating pieces that portray the best of their abilities.

“I love being in art because it’s relaxing and gives me a bit of a break during the day. Art is not easy, but it’s fun and definitely a form of stress relief,” Bierly said.

Whether you have been a part of the art program for four years or are just beginning, if you enjoy expressing your artistic visions, the show is the place for you.

“I really like the art program because it gives you a chance to take a breather from having to study all the time. You get to do something more with your mind than just study,” Stewart said.