Art show was a success


Photo provided by Joe Jira

The students’ artwork are being displayed on the portfolios. Other pieces of artwork have been hung by the art wing.

Chloe Parker, Reporter

On Friday April 27, the Art Show was held in the cafeteria from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Students participating in arts courses at the AP and advanced levels attended to show off their talent. The students created a portfolio to share to those who came. Each portfolio was stationed around the cafeteria for people to inspect.  Students auctioned a piece to those who purchased auction ticket. Awards and prizes were received to winners of different categories.

“This year’s art show was a huge success as usual,” Daniel Stewart (’18), first place winner, said, “We had some of the best auction pieces from members of NAHS and I enjoyed seeing the work from both photo, digital, and studio art students.”