Making a difference in the world

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about making a difference in the world? Almost everyone thinks that in order to one must be older and have millions of dollars to actually make change.

What if I said you can make a difference every day just by helping someone in need or smiling at everyone you see? It is so simple to put happiness into the world but it is even easier to do the opposite.

Starting my day I am consumed by the responsibilities and stresses of my every day routine. Being in high school allows small issues to seem bigger than they actually are.

Things need to be put in perspective in order to perceive things how they really are.

How can someone have such a strong grasp on the idea of making a difference but not be able to carry out the implications? What you want to do with your life is inevitably tied to one’s overall view on the world. Being overtaken by the negative factors in life is something I experience every day but cannot control.

However, my daily attitude towards life is monumentally different from what I intend to do in the future. There are so many opportunities to make a difference in the world for those that have a deeper understanding of the world and themselves.

If one is passionate about something, then it can be turned into something much greater, taking action.

When I am older I do not see myself with any particular job. I do not see myself in a certain house in a specific location. When I think about my future self I see someone who understand themselves; someone who has their life under control.

If my life is in order and I have time on my hands, I plan to make a difference by helping what I care about most in the world, animals. I will buy bags of dog food and feed homeless dogs. If I make enough money I hope to help in a much greater way like donating money to causes that medically take care of animals in need.

The only thing that holds people back is themselves as everyone is capable of making a difference whether they mean to or not. Think about what you want to put into the world, whether it is something that will take years or a simple attitude adjustment, if you want to make a difference in the world, do it.