Boys’ basketball hosts 25 and 50 year anniversary game


Photo Provided by the 1933 Pioneer

The 1933 team that made it to the state finals. “My favorite memories are always centered around kids,” Power said. “I miss the preparation and adaption which was required to adjust to each teams abilities and talents.”

Maggy McGuigan, Reporter


After 25 and 50 years, 2 of the most successful boys’ basketball teams the school has ever seen will return on Friday, Feb. 16 to watch the JV and varsity teams play their last regular season against Winters Mill, at home. The 1967-1968 team made it to the state-semifinals, and the 1992-1993 team made it to the state-finals, coincidentally, separating both returning teams and our current team by 25 years.

Fifty years ago, the 1968 team made school history by becoming the first team to make it to the quarter finals. They traveled to the University of Maryland for their game against Henry E. Lackey High School.

“We were all very excited to make the trip from Hereford to College Park,” said player Dennis Hendrix. “I think we were all intimidated by the size of the court and the size of the team we had to play when they came onto the court.”

The change in venue wasn’t the only memorable part of the season for the team. “My favorite memories were how close we were as a team,” said player Tim Miller. “Coach Garner was a great and very positive influence for a young, developing person.”

When the Hereford Sports Hall of Fame was inaugurated, player Forry Buckingham was selected into the first group. “The reason I was there was the fact that I had the best teammates anyone could imagine.”

The returning players “are all very excited to return and celebrate 50 years of a truly memorable experience,” said Hendrix.

Exactly 25 years later, their record was broken by the 1993 team who made it to the state finals.

“The 1993 season was a magical one,” said head coach Steve Power. “We won 4 straight games to get to the state final in the last minute. [Going into the finals,] the feelings for the whole team were sky high. [Due to] a big snowstorm in March, the game was postponed to the following week. We were ready and played a great game against the Alleghany Campers. They tied the game in the last minute and won in overtime.”

Power has been back several times to see Coach Rhoads’ teams. “He has done an excellent job; one of the assistants, Jon Capan, was one of the best players I ever coached.”

Although he has seen some of the players that were inducted to the Athletic Hall of Fame several years ago, Power “will enjoy seeing the 1993 team again” and is “looking forward to returning for the game.”

In order to keep the streak alive, our team would have to make it to the state finals and win to break the school record. “We’ve won all of the games were supposed to, except one,” said Grafton Griffey (’19). “There’s always a chance.”