How to create the ideal Valentine’s Day look

Sierra Webb, Reporter

For the single ladies and taken ladies out there, Valentine’s Day is either the worst holiday of the year, or the best.

This Valentine’s Day eye shadow look can be worn on a date night with your significant other, or a girl’s night out with all of your closest friends. A smoky, pink, and flirty eye shadow look is the perfect way to celebrate the romantic holiday.

Starting off with a fresh face, I apply my Fresh Youth Preserve face cream and moisturize the product into my face. Then, I apply the Too Faced Hangover primer with a stippling brush to my pores and dry areas.

Once my primer is set, I spritz the Mario Badescu aloe facial spray to my face to rejuvenate my skin. Going in with my holy grail Shape Tape concealer by Tarte, I apply the full coverage concealer to my eyelids.

After blending the concealer, I take my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder on a small powder brush and tap the powder on my eyelids.

Once my eyelids are matte and the veins and purple discoloration is covered, I begin to apply eye shadow. Using the Modern Renaissance pallet by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I take a Morphe blending brush and apply Golden Ochre to my crease.

Then, with a fluffy blending brush I take Love Letter and blend it into my crease and outer lid. Once the pink is set, I go back in with Golden Ochre on a clean blending brush.

To deepen the eyes I take Venetian Red on a small tapered brush and pack the product on my outer lid. Then I blend the red color with a clean blending brush from outer corner to inner corner.

I squeeze out a little bit of the Too Faced glitter glue on my index finger and apply it to my eyelid. Once my eyelid feels tacky, I take Primavera (a shimmery gold shade) on my index finger and pack the product onto my eyelid as neatly as possible.

To bring the eye look together I apply a pair of Lilly Lashes in the style Miami, and using my Duo black lash glue, I apply the glue to the eye lash band and wait for the glue to dry.

I take a pair of tweezers and apply the lashes as closely to my lash line as possible.

Going in with my Born This Way foundation from Too Faced I bounce the product into my face using a damp Beauty Blender.

I then place my Shape Tape concealer by Tarte under my eyes, forehead, chin, and nose to highlight those dark areas with a Beauty Blender.

To set my face I take the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder and with a dry Beauty Blender to apply the powder where I’ve concealed. Then, with a fluffy powder brush I wipe away the excess powder.

With a Morphe contour brush, I use Benefit Cosmetics Hula bronzer and chisel out my cheekbones, nose, and forehead to give my face dimension while emphasizing my cheek bones.

I then take my Ofra highlighter and apply the product to the high points of my face to give a natural makeup look.

To finish off the Valentine’s Day look I take a simple nude lip stick by Urban Decay to my lips to keep the face and lips simple so that the attention is brought to my eyes.