Center Brock Moritz rebounds to help team secure winning record


Photo provided by Emily McNicholas

The Basketball team celebrates parent night by giving heir parents roses and hugs. The Moritz family gathered at half-court to take a picture.

Emily McNicholas, Reporter

Senior captain, Brock Mortiz, has been working hard this season to take the varsity basketball team all the way.  The team’s record 8-3 so far this season, and Brock says the team might only loose two more games.

He has been playing basketball for eight years and has worked his way up to averaging around 10 baskets, five rebounds, and two blocks per game.

“He does a lot with the offensive rebounding to give us more opportunities to score, and he really takes over the paint because of his height,” Teammate, Josh Wegrzyn (’18), said.

“The paint” is exactly where Brock spends most of his time on the court.  This year he took the center position.

“My job is to be a back to the basket, scorer, and rebounder,” Brock said. “And on defense I’m basically just a rim protector.”

Brock’s teammates, coaches, and supporters all seem to agree that he has “great post moves,” Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Jim Rhoads, said.

“Brock has been one of our most consistent scorers this season,” Coach Roads said.  “One of his best games was when he scored 19 points in our comeback win versus Kenwood.”

Mark Suchy, junior captain on varsity, plays closely with Brock during games and practices.

“It’s fun to be a captain with Brock. We make some plays and have been winning games this year,” Suchy said. “He is definitely a part of that.”

Practices normally zone into whatever will benefit the team to make them succeed.  Brock said “player v player based practice,” helps every player individually, so they can each improve in certain categories.

“He is always talking at practice, leading drills, and supporting his teammates,” Rhoads said.

Brock has a twin brother, Dylan, who has been playing by Brocks side for years. The two contribute to the team by working off of each other.

“I know what Brock is going to do on the court,” Dylan said. “Our chemistry makes it really easy. I take the wing, and he’s a center guy so we feed off of one another.”

Standing at six-foot-six-inches, Brocks height is an advantage on the court. His brother said, “He’s too big,” and Coach Rhoads mentions that Brocks is “very athletic for a big guy.”

Brock has received offers from multiple colleges, and he said that wherever he ends up he will be playing basketball.