There’s snow time to fail

Will Amos, Reporter

When winter comes a lot of students hope for snow days whenever they hear snow on the news. I have done my time praying to get off school the next day and hoping that we will get out early, but now it’s starting to affect my grades.

We have had many classes where we are on a time crunch because we came into school late. For example, I’m not doing too hot in AP English right now and the fact that for almost a week I either didn’t have the class or had a shortened period.

In my AP Physics class, we took a quiz and a midterm at the end of second quarter. I only took half of the midterm in class. I had to take the quiz and half the midterm in Enrichment because we hadn’t had the class in forever.

It’s not just Physics that I had tests or quizzes in. With all the days off, tests and quizzes keep getting pushed back to a later date, and eventually, all the tests are within the same two or three days of each other.

Things like that aren’t just a hassle for other students. Many people end up with a couple quizzes or tests shoved onto the same day because of time issues, and teachers are the ones who have to grade three classes worth of quizzes along with any other work that was assigned, missing, or late.

In both Journalism and Yearbook, which I have on B-days, I have deadlines I have to meet for articles, pages, and blogs, and for some reason we continuously have off on B-days so I can’t actually meet any deadlines.

If we can’t meet our deadlines then the newspaper comes out later than it should, or we are stressed out of our minds for the next week because we have to work on the newspaper whenever we can.

Snow days are good and all, but I’d rather be able to pass a class than get some extra sleep.