Former Superintendent is indicted

Jen Barranco and Chloe Parker, Reporter

On Tuesday Jan. 23 former Superintendent, Dr. Shaun Dallas Dance was charged with four counts of perjury.  With a maximum of 10 years for each account of perjury, amounting to 40 years of jail time.

“Based on previous information we were given I knew this was coming,” math teacher, Colette Moran said. “I believe they made the right decision.”

He is accused of making false statements on financial disclosure documents to hide his involvement with private businesses, amounting in nearly $147,000 from consulting companies. He was also indicted for negotiating several no-bid contracts between his school district from July to Dec. 2012.

Overall, Dance is being charged for lying about work he was doing outside of the district and how much he was being paid for it.

“We are surprised and saddened to hear about the charges against former superintendent Dallas Dance,” current Superintendent, Verletta White said.

Dance is scheduled to be arraigned for the charges on Feb. 12.

“I’ve met him a couple of times and I just never would have thought he would be someone who would do something like that” Justin Smith (’18) said.