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Stranger Things gift guide

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Stranger Things gift guide

Photo by Daniel Stewart

Photo by Daniel Stewart

Photo by Daniel Stewart

Brady McGee, Reporter

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3 Musketeers- Dustin’s and his pet demi-dog Dart’s favorite snack. “Seriously, I can just eat a whole bowl of nougat. Straight up.” $1.19 at 7/11

Walkie Talkies- Necessary for communication in the event of a Shadow monster taking over the world. $39.99 at RadioShack (Bob gives discounts for friends)

Embroidered Handkerchief- Great for those pesky chronic nosebleeds when you’re trying to save the world. $10.99 at

Eggo Waffles- Best way to fuel up before the long haul to the Upside Down. $2.28 at Walmart

Ghostbusters Poster- Decorate your walls with a classic “I’m Venkman, Dustin’s Stanz, you’re Egon, and you’re Winston.” $6.96 on Amazon

Retro Christmas Lights- When your son gets captured by the Demogorgon and there’s no cell reception in the Upside Down. $22.98 at Home Depot

Dungeons and Dragons- Forget those expensive video games, pick up an all-time great for your fantasy role-playing needs. $49.95 at


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Stranger Things gift guide