For teenagers, holiday focus shifts

Anna Jerrems, Reporter

Growing up, the holiday season revolves around Christmas morning. Beaming faces and ripped wrapping paper fill the family room while tired parents cook pancakes for breakfast before church.

But New Years? Who cares about New Years as an 8-year-old? Tagging along with the adults to their parties with all of their friends, as the kids sit dejectedly in the corner, and contemplate how many days there are until next Christmas.

Flash forward ten years and the holidays have definitely changed. Although getting that pair of above-the-knee boots from DSW is a great way to spend Dec 25., the parties that ensue on New Years has shifted to become the main event.

“When I was younger I got more presents and had a real tree, but now Christmas is a little less exciting,” Ella Obu (’18) said. “I used to go to New York City to see the ball drop or watch it on TV with friends and family, but now New Year’s Eve is just an excuse to go out all night and ‘celebrate.’”

The shift between watching the ball drop with parents to going out all night with friends commences by freshmen year.

“[The holidays] have changed from me celebrating with my family at home to now I’d go out with friends on New Year’s Eve at a party,” Gracie Isennock (’18) said.


“As of now, I prefer New Year’s over Christmas because I like the feeling of starting over in a new year than Christmas morning running downstairs and opening presents because I don’t get as big of presents as I used to when I was little,” Emmanuel Obu (’21) said. “Spending that day home with my family to me is no different than spending a Saturday with my family at home.”

Although some may believe that New Years is definitely the highlight of the season, many still feel that Christmas should be the central focus.

“Christmas is less about presents and Santa now, of course. I would have a whole room full of presents,” Taylor Williams (’19), an avid Christmas lover said. Now that I’m older, we get much less presents because we realized that the real gift of Christmas is being able to spend time with your family.”

Going to parties in high school on New Year’s Eve becomes a normality.

“However now I’m typically expected to just go out somewhere with my friends or sisters while my parents go out and enjoy their night. The whole partying on New Year’s thing hasn’t reached my friend group in previous years but it is now,” Emannuel Obu said.

The holiday season should be spent surrounded by family and friends while making unforgettable memories, regardless of which holiday is preferred.