Mu Alpha Theta improves students math abilities 

Rohit Mishra, Reporter

Once a month, many young mathematicians meet in order to solve hard math problems normal students wouldn’t be able to solve. Mu Alpha Theta is the math honor society in Hereford High School.  

Joe Arigbamu (’19), a member of Mu Alpha Theta says “Doing any Honor Societies helps boost your college resume.” Josh Arigbamu (’19), another member said “It’s fun, because of its challenging math problems.”  

Members of Mu Alpha Theta have the opportunity to compete in various exclusive math competition. In these competitions, members can win money, or even scholarships. These competitions can be completed individually or with our school- Hereford. 

The main part of Mu Alpha Theta is, it looks wonderful on college resumes. You can work your way up the ranks and become officer, and even President. These are all prestigious positions within the society. 

You can take the class once you have taken Ap Calculus. You also need to maintain a 3.5 overall GPA, and a 3.5 math GPA. But, once you’re in the society you’re in. Meaning you don’t have to register to be in it if you were a member the previous year.