Don’t talk crap on your finsta

Sierra Webb, Reporter

Instagram: One of the most popular social media websites in the 21st century where you can create your own profile, post pictures and videos, follow celebrities and friends, and bookmark your favorite pictures. Nowadays anyone with a smartphone seems to be lurking through Instagram on someone’s profile. But people aren’t just creating profiles they’re creating “finsta” accounts.

Finstas or “spams” are created by teenagers usually in high school or college where people post videos and photos they necessarily wouldn’t post on their main private or public account. Usually main account profiles consist of you first and last name, but Finsta account names are supposed to be funny.

People who have Finsta accounts range from posting drunk pictures of themselves over the weekend, random pictures which include an over exaggerated rant, and subtweets. Subtweeting refers to the popular social media app Twitter, where people post “shady” comments referring to someone they have problems with.

Subtweeting is by far the most popular thing to post on Finstas. From ranting about not being invited to a party, to a boyfriend being unfaithful, and to a friend that was talking behind your back, Finstas seem to be the way teenagers handle their problems. Girls are most commonly known for doing this, although guys do have Finstas, girls are known for subtweeting other girls on social media.

Instead of handling the problem and talking to the person you’re having controversy with, girls feel the need to post about it on social media so that everyone can see it, including the person being talked about. So instead of being the bigger person and discussing the problem face-to-face with the person you’re having problems with, girls feel the need to talk down to each other on their social media accounts.

Then text messages start blowing up your phone, rumors begin to spread like wildfire, and everyone has your name in their mouth.

“Who are you talking about?”

“What’s wrong?”

Which evolves into slut shaming, name calling, and a huge over exaggerated scene. If this person is getting under your skin that much, then instead of doing nothing about the situation and making it worse, actually have a conversation with the person. I guarantee half the information being spilled out on the internet, nobody would actually have the guts to say to their face. It’s a whole lot easier to talk poorly about someone on the internet versus talking to them in person about the problem.