*Spoiler Alert* The Last Jedi Review

The Last Jedi premiered last Friday and it has already attracted mixed reviews from critics. Some critics love the new movie structure adopted by Disney’s new director, Rian Johnson. On the other hand, many critics, including myself, found many of the new characters to be uninteresting and unnecessary. All in all, I was a fan of the movie and would definitely recommend it to others.


The movie began on an exciting and thrilling note (although quite unbelievable), featuring a comedic dialogue between the witty X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron and General Haux that managed to make more people laugh in one scene then in the entirety of the prequels.


The Rey-Luke Skywalker storyline was really well done, managing to retain the integrity of Skywalker while giving a believable reason to give what the fans wanted: a scene where Rey and Ben Solo go off on Snoke. However, knowing that someone has to take over as the villain in control of the First Order, Kylo Ren turns back to the dark in a scene that disappointed everyone (in a positive way).


On the other storylines, however, I honestly think the new characters could have just been left out. Rose, the uninteresting and random maintenance worker, was not at all needed, and it’s hard to believe that she could fall in love with Finn in such a short period of time. She managed to almost kill the chances of the Resistance by crashing her speeder into Finn’s when he was about to destroy the First Order’s biggest weapon, just to save a guy who will clearly get with Rey.


The Commander of the last Resistance cruiser was so annoying, I almost wish the mutiny was permanent. Yet she was saved by Princess Leia after her scene that made everyone feel uncomfortable. She managed to float back to the Resistance cruiser, even though they would’ve been far better killing her off considering Carrie Fisher is dead.


Other than those minor issues, everything else was great. Porgs were awesome, the movie was so much funnier than any other Star Wars movie, and the scene where Snoke’s dreadnought was cut in half was a cinematic masterpiece. I don’t think there was anyone in the theatre that didn’t freak out when that scene happened.


In conclusion, I would recommend watching this movie although I still firmly believe that Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie.

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