Junior Dance Company performs “On Broadway”


Midori Day

Megan Sabo (’20) and Elsbeth Supplee (’20) stretch before Junior Dance Company practice. This is both of their first years participating in the club. “It was really fun just to get a different set of choreography and to have dance outside of my actual class, “Supplee said. “It’s challenging to get a piece together that quickly, but I thought it was a good challenge.”

Midori Day, Reporter

Junior Dance Company, a group of dancers that meet every Wednesday during Enrichment, learning new skills and choreography, performed “On Broadway” by Jennifer Hudson on Dec. 7 at the dance show.

“I personally loved our dance performance this fall. Jazz and hip hop are my favorite dance styles so this dance was perfect,” Zoe Nicholson (’20) said. “I think my class performed super well together and the dance came out great.”

She says she would definitely encourage others to join, because it is enjoyable and a great way to spend Enrichment with some fun and interesting people.

This is Nicholson’s first year in Junior Dance, but her second year in dance. She also dances outside of school.

There are nineteen members, including the three leaders of the group—Kaitlyn Dixon (’18), Rachel Fiorini (’19), and Esther Yu (’19). Dixon choreographed the piece in the winter show with the help of Fiorini and Yu.

The Junior Company also plans to have a piece in the upcoming spring show.