Chemistry club takes experiments to a new level


Photo Provided by Katie Blair

The beakers that are used during the experiments completed at chemistry club.

Katie Blair, Reporter

Once a month, Sydney Jenkin (’20) and Whitney Langlee (’20) go to chemistry club in Mr. Fluharty’s room where they conduct different types of experiments that they don’t have the chance to do their chemistry classes.

Carols floated down the science wing on Wednesday, Dec. 20 from the holiday party that was hosted by the chemistry club.  Other than holiday parties, the club normally does different chemistry projects.

For some, the labs and experiments completed during class is not enough. Luckily for them, chemistry club is there to put a new spin on the types of experiments that are done during school.

“It’s stuff that we wouldn’t necessarily get to do in class,” Sydney Jenkin (’20) said. “A while ago we did a dry ice color show and made a mirror in an Erlenmeyer flask.”

Aside from the greater learning opportunities from these experiments, chemistry club is a way for students to have fun and hang out with friends as well.

“I have several friends in the club, too, so it’s fun to hang out with them,” Jenkin said.

Another attraction for students to join chemistry club is the ability to experiment with the new labs without having any write up assignments or stress to get a good grade on the lab.

“I think it’s fun because we get to do a lot of experiments without having to do the written analysis.” Whitney Langlee (’20) said.

The students also get a chance to learn from the experiments and get to experience being independent with the labs because Mr. Fluharty, the adviser of the club, lets them do the labs by themselves.

“He has the direction sheet that gives the materials and procedures and you get it when you first come in,” Jenkin said. “He walks around to try and see what you’re doing but he doesn’t do an example beforehand.”