Holiday gingerbread house decorating


Keegan Whittle

Maddie Gaede (’20) decorates her gingerbread house in NAHS. “It’s just a fun club to be in,” Gaede said.

Keegan Whittle, Reporter

Once a month, National Art Honor Society gathers in Mrs. Bare’s room to do activities promoting art. NAHS gives the students an opportunity to express themselves and showcase their art.

The Honor Society does various events throughout the year, including a pumpkin carving event, a gingerbread house decorating event like the one above, and an art showcase. Every month, NAHS also holds a studio night to show people some of the art they’ve made in an art class.

“TBH, it’s for fun,” Maddie Gaede (’20) said. This month being December, NAHS celebrates the season by decorating gingerbread houses. On Tuesday Dec. 19, students in the honor society gathered after school to decorate their houses.

Students brought in their own gingerbread house kit along with things such as icing, sprinkles, hard candies, chocolates, and cookies to go along with their design. “I made a wreath out of sprinkles and a girl scout cookie,” Gaede said. “In my design, I’m going for a tasty concept.”