One Love collects gifts for families


Katie Salko

Emma Swensen (’20) celebrates the end of the House of Ruth drives during the Team One Love’s holiday party. She donated toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, and deodorant to help the cause.

Katie Salko, Reporter

This December, Team One Love has organized two drives for the House of Ruth Maryland. These drives benefit women and their children who have been exposed to abuse in their homes and left to distance themselves from their abusive spouses.

The first drive was for the Adopt A Family program that is sponsored by the House of Ruth. Interested members were placed into five groups, where they each “adopted” a family by purchasing items on a given wish list.  Some of these items include gift cards, toys, and even an Amazon Echo Dot.

“I think the drive is very helpful because a lot of families who have experienced domestic violence aren’t able to provide a meaningful holiday for their children,” member Hannah Blevins (’20) said. “By doing this drive we are able to provide one for them by donating a variety of gifts.”

The second drive was to donate toiletries like deodorant, diapers, toothpaste, and more. Donating hygiene products saves money for the program and helps the families that are in need of support and simple items like these.

“In order to provide help to the women and children who need urgent support they require lots of donations,” Blevins said. “By us donating, [we] are able to make a difference in the lives of the [people] who have experienced domestic abuse.”