Student Council December General Assembly

Chloe Parker, Reporter

There will be a Student Council December General Assembly at Towson on Dec. 14. Students will leave Period 1A at 8:55 am with their pass and return during 6A around 1:10 pm. work is their The students attending are listed below:

Grade 9:

Ryan Coffey

Ellie George

Mary Ellen Revitte

Christopher Gottleib

Gracie Brown


Grade 10:

Brooke Wilson

Gabriella Chalker

Megan O’Donovan

Gianna Patti

Ashley Cain

Nilou Heshmati

Maggy McGuigan

Krishna Hirpara

Molly Szymanski

Andreanna Karvounis

Midori Day

Julianne Giza


Grade 11:

Jacob Turner

Emma Wallner