The NBA debate: It’s the Dubs title to win (again)

Max Herbkersman, Reporter

With the 2017-2018 NBA season underway, it’s time for me to make my way too early prediction for the champion. The Golden State Warriors will hoist the Larry O’Brian trophy for a third time in four years.

I am by no means a Golden State fan. I would hate to see them in the finals for a fourth consecutive year. However, I’m realistic; I know that the Dubs will most likely make it there.

This past offseason, the NBA landscape was completely remodeled. Yet the Warriors made no big offseason moves besides signing all-star point guard Steph Curry to a five-year 201-million-dollar deal.

The west was already stacked to begin with, but after offseason moves, the west left the east dwindling with talent.

While the Thunder look like the best team in the NBA on paper, they simply aren’t. The Warriors still have two of the top five NBA players in their starting lineup.

Russell Westbrook may be the reigning NBA MVP coming off a record setting season, but his award doesn’t benefit his team. Winning is more important than individual stats, and the Warriors know a whole lot about winning.

Three of the Warrior’s starting players averaged over 20 points per game last season. That’s a guaranteed 60 points from three starters each game.

However, my main reasoning for supporting the Warriors is that they’re consistent; the Warriors have made it to the finals three years in a row. The world has seen how good the Warriors are, and the addition of Kevin Durant only added fuel to the fire.

If it weren’t for one of the greatest three game performances by LeBron James, then the Dubs would have won three consecutive championships.

This season the league stacked teams in hopes to take down the Dubs, causing fans to pick new favorites to win the championship.

However, people are picking other teams simply because they are tired of the Warriors constantly winning, and can’t handle the fact that the Warriors are still the top NBA team.

If you match up the Warrior’s starting lineup against the Thunder’s, it is close to even, but the Dubs lineup has an edge.

Steph Curry, and Russell Westbrook have different playing styles, but are still fairly even. Kevin Durant, and Paul George are both offensive superstars, but Durant tops George one on one. Draymond Green and Carmelo Anthony is an interesting matchup. Green, a young defensive superstar, against offensive legend Carmelo Anthony, yet Melo is passed his prime, possibly giving the edge to Green.

However, the one matchup that clearly favors the Warriors is at shooting guard. Klay Thompson undoubtedly trumps Andre Roberson at the two guard. Roberson is the X-factor for the Thunder. Roberson is a bum; last season Roberson started in 78 games. How many points did he average? 6.6.

Roberson is holding the Thunder back from being the best team in the league. Until the Thunder find a more reliable shooting guard, the Warriors will remain the best team in the league, and my favorite for the 2017-2018 NBA champion.