Cheerleaders need cheering too


Photo Provided by Sarah Borton

JV cheer squad circles up awaiting awards after their first invitational.

Sarah Borton, Reporter

Crisp, autumn Friday nights under the lights.  The fans, the team, the staff, and the cheerleaders.  An image just popped into your head, didn’t it?  If one of them were missing, it doesn’t seem in place.  For example, the cheerleaders, if they weren’t there, who would the audience watch in-between quarters?  Or when there is a time-out and there is nothing for the audience to cheer for, who would keep the crowd riled up?  If the cheerleaders weren’t there people may question where they were because it is expected that they be there.

Surprise!  Cheerleading isn’t just about looking pretty and keeping the crowd going at a football game, they actually train and practice for competitions; I know this first hand because I am a cheerleader.  Have you ever thought about who keeps the hype up at our competitions when we take the mat?

Unlike other sports, where the athletes are on the field for an hour, we perform for two minutes and thirty seconds.  That’s nothing compared to what we stand on the track, cheering for.

When we look in the Hereford sections of the stands seconds before we step on the mat, we see family members.  It’s a surprise when we see a fellow classmate because normally no one comes out besides our family.

We see other schools, like Pikesville, with the majority of the football team dressed in their jerseys waving pom-poms and signs screaming when their cheerleaders hit.

Last Saturday, at States, one member of the Varsity football team showed, senior, Raven Albin.  Right before we went on, I heard someone say, “Just imagine that the whole football team is out there.” It was disappointing that they had to say “imagine’ instead of “are”.

I know it isn’t the always the most convenient to go to these events, but if you have a friend on the cheer squad, carpool with them.  Or if you have a friend who can drive, go with them and bring more friends.

Next time there is a cheer competition, try to make an effort to come out and support us because it means so much.  We train so hard and want to show everyone that cheer isn’t just saying “yay! Go bulls!” Please note: If you are able to make it to one of the competitions don’t forget to wear Hereford gear or colors.  If you don’t have any Hereford spirit or Hereford colors, WEAR ANY COLOR BUT RED.  RED IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.