TV shows leave viewers sad when over

Will Amos, Reporter

First off, I am going to say that if you are or plan on watching the show Dexter than don’t read this. There are spoilers.

Do you ever get that feeling of sadness when you finish a really good TV show– the feeling that the show is over and there is nothing else after that? God, I hate that feeling.

Recently, I just finished the show Dexter and it was great.

The show is about a serial killer who works for the police. His name is Dexter and he kills people who commit horrible crimes like murder and rape that get off on errors or evidence that wasn’t found. It took me a couple months to finish the show, and now I’m just sad.

The ending was crap; there were so many other options the producers could have gone with instead of just “killing” Dexter off, or making everyone in the show think he was dead. When watching a show like that you get connected to the characters and when you think everything is going to be alright, the producers just punch you in the gut.

Dexter could’ve lived a happy life with his son and girlfriend, but decided that instead of hurting them like he did to everyone else he loved such as his dad who committed suicide, his wife who was murdered, and his sister who was murdered, he would get rid of himself for good.

Fine, we have closure. Dexter is dead, his son and girlfriend aren’t, and everyone else is just mourning his death. But then they throw in a surprise: Dexter is not actually dead. He has just gotten a new identity, moved to the other side of the country, gotten a new job, and ostracized himself from everyone else.

This was one of the worst ways I could have seen the show ending. No one is happy. Dexter is alone with no one left from his previous life around, his son will grow up without his mother or father, only his dad’s girlfriend, and his coworkers and friends are all mourning because not just Dexter has died, but his sister has too.

Everything was going so well and then, boom, nothing went well.

I am now that I’m watching Supernatural and I am hooked. Even better, there are 13 seasons, each with about 22 episodes. There are a lot more of Supernatural episodes than there is of Dexter. Does that mean it’ll suck more when I finish this show?

I cannot wait to be sad once it’s over, as well.