Our view: Homecoming should be later


Photo Provided by Chloe Parker

Sophomores posed at Lindsay Clarke’s house before the dance. Now that homecoming has passes, students look forward to winter break.


Freshmen still didn’t know how to navigate the halls, teachers still didn’t know students names, girls still were searching for dresses, but homecoming was the third week of school.

“I think that it’s a good two weeks too early and that there is not enough time from the first day of school to homecoming to get acclimated,” Sam Kozak (’18) said.

For the past three years homecoming has been at least in the first week October or even later. In 2014, it was on October 18. In 2015, it was on October 25. In 2016 it was on October 8. This year it is on September 23.

“I think it’s way too early,” Carter Frazier (’18) said.

It’s hard enough to figure everything out at the beginning of the school year, let alone make homecoming plans and find clothing and accessories for spirit week.

“I think it being so early makes it kind of stressful to plan everything, like what to wear and buy for spirit week, to find a dress, and to figure out where to go before and after the dance,” Gracie Isennock (’18) said.

Some students didn’t mind the dance being early, but were disappointed with the spirit days.

“I like it being early, but I wish the spirit days were better,” Blake Walter (’18) said.

In addition, this year spirit week was only four days long. Many students were disappointed and felt short changed.

Spirit week is the highlight of many students school year. Why cut it short?

“I always look forward to spirit week and I love going all out. I wish we started it the Friday before like we did last year,” Erin Williams (’18) said.

In the past, homecoming and spirit week were used as motivators to make it into October.

Now students are left with nothing to look forward to for weeks, until Halloween comes along, a whole month later.