“It’s much more serious than a prank.”


Photo Credit: Will Wheatley

Vandals leave their mark on trailers 2 and 3.  Seniors voiced their frustration on Facebook over this prank which misrepresented the 2013 class.


Alaina Wancowicz, Hannah Pursley, and Maddie McGee contributed to this article.


It’s that time of year for senior pranks, so students and staff were not too surprised today to arrive at school to find many trailers, buildings, signs, and even the new water tower spray-painted with “2013.”  However, it became apparent that this act of graffiti was not condoned by the entire senior class.  Included in the messages were racial and sexual slurs.

            According to Principal Mr. Andrew Last, “The graffiti is much more serious than a prank.”  He explained that graffiti is considered a crime and that the perpetrators can be charged in court.  He said, “If we find out who did it, we’ll charge their parents $5,000.”, the cost of repairing the damage.

            Mr. Last also said that the content of the messages is offensive. “There’s a racial thing there. I get very offended by a racist comment. I live in a multicultural country, and I come from a multicultural country,” he said.

            In order to encourage students to come forward with information, Mr. Last said he is “considering cancelling the Senior Picnic until the person is caught.”

            In response to the vandalism and word of Mr. Last’s plan to cancel the picnic, seniors posted messages on their class Facebook page.  Hudson Imhoff (12) stated, “More important than the cost is the fact that this ruined the reputation of a great class. We’re a lot better than this, and you all know it.”

            Christian Parsons (12) responded, “wait why does the class pay for a few idiots poor ideas”

            In an e-mail to faculty, Officer Michael Snyder stated, “I try to let kids be kids but the damage is excessive and will be reported.” He continued to say that he hoped the guilty would come forward.

            Daniel Kozlowski (12) posted on Facebook: “I don’t mean to sound paranoid or anything, but what if it wasn’t a senior who did this?  What if it was some idiot junior who thought it would be funny to try to get us in trouble?”

            Teachers were also upset by the graffiti. Social Studies Teacher Mr. Robert Comber, whose trailer was the only one not spray-painted, said, “It was insulting.  Some of it was vulgar.  It doesn’t portray the class well.  What’s wrong with society is a few do things that reflect poorly on the rest.  It’s expensive.  I hope the people are caught and punished severely.”

            Spanish teacher Ms. Tiffany Bibaud said, “It doesn’t represent the class as a whole.”

            Campbell Thibodeaux (9) said, “They went way too far. They should not have done what they did.”