2017 trends influence Halloween costumes


Photo Provided by Anna DeLibro

Shown above are the students’ opinions on Halloween costume genres. Each grade was surveyed in varying English classes.

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be difficult, with so many options, it can be an overwhelming process. You may ask be asking yourself, ‘Should I dress up in something scary or something funny? ‘, or ‘Should I dress up in a group or fly solo? ’ Then all of a sudden, you’re frantically searching Pinterest a week before Halloween, still trying to decide, but biggest question of all is, ‘What are this year’s trends? ’

Partycity.com suggests that super hero or super villain costumes are the top choices for girls and guys. For girls last year, Harley Quinn outfits were a huge trend, due to the movie “Suicide Squad” being released, and they still seem to be a candidate for 2017. As for guys, the favorite seemed to be the Joker.

If you’re not really into the Suicide Squad apparel, perhaps something from pop culture would better suit you.

Characters from popular shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Stranger Things,” and “The Walking Dead” present good options for costumes. Nearly 26 percent of Hereford students surveyed said they would prefer to dress up in something trendy. If you’re looking to be “in” with your costume this year, TV show characters are the way to go.

Other costumes related to pop-culture that look like they could be popular this year include, Donald Trump (of course), Pennywise from the new movie “It” (get ready for the clown epidemic all over again), and Disney characters.

If you prefer to dress up in groups like Molly Krucenski (’19) does, there are plenty of options for that as well.

“I’ve been dressing up with my friends since fifth grade, we’ve done Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gypsies, and Grease,” Krucenski said.

Britta Miller (’18) also is a fan of doing group costumes.

“I like the idea but I’ve never really done it, but I’ve got something in the works for this year,” said Miller.

Group costumes are fun for not only girls, guys can have fun with it too.

Justin Rhoads (’20) said he and his friends dressed up in basketball jerseys last year for Halloween.

If you’re a guy and aren’t sure what’s cool to dress up as, do something with your friends that is easy to plan and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Maybe you prefer to be more of a lone-wolf when it comes to dressing up. Anna Rusins (’21) said she plans on being a werewolf this year, and she also plans on making the costume herself.

“I made gloves which are hand-stitched,” said Rusins.

Rusins has been making her own costumes since middle school, and although she thinks group costumes can be fun, she prefers to dress up alone.

Even if you’re not super crafty, making your own costume saves money, and with a little help from the internet, your costume could be amazing.

We all know that this is an awkward time for us teenagers since we’re not sure if dressing up is still acceptable, but there’s only so many years left until free candy no longer becomes an option for us. Soon we will be the people handing out candy to little kids, so make the most of these years and don’t worry about what people will think of your costume. It’s one night of the year you can be anything you want, and students should definitely take advantage of that as long as they can.