Keep halloween spirit alive

Nicole Burkoski

As high schoolers get older and it is no longer socially acceptable to trick or treat, how are teens celebrating Halloween? Are we truly getting everything we can out of this loved holiday?

There is no right way to have fun during this night of scare; however, some traditions are being left in the dust which is simply unacceptable. If you do nothing every year, a way to show some spirit can be to throw on a costume!

“I think it’s fun when older kids get into it, to an extent,” Emily Francis (’19) who has dressed up as the devil for years in a row, said.

Whether you are watching some scary classics with your closest friends or having a Halloween basher, dressing up should always be mandatory.

“You’re not even celebrating Halloween if you don’t dress up,” Gavin Schattall (’18) who takes pride in trick or treating in the same neighborhood every year, said.

The love for Halloween stems from the excitement of being able to be anything you want for a day.

After dressing up, there is nothing more thrilling than running door to door getting candy but at some point we have to give up that adolescent spirit.

“I plan on doing nothing because my mom won’t let me go trick or treating,” Schattall said.

There is no need to dread the loss of this childhood tradition because the best part of a holiday is creating your own.

“Every Halloween my sisters and I compete with pumpkin carving to see whose is the best,” said Bella Cavallaro (’21) who celebrates Halloween with her family.

When it comes to making memories, the one true key to having a good time on Halloween is putting in the time and energy and making the most of the night in costume.

“I like Halloween because people get into spirit and it’s just a time where people can have fun,” Madi Lorenz (’20) who blew everyone away last year with her skeleton makeup, said.

“I do a lot of crafts and I like dressing up and doing makeup,” Lorenz, said.

Whether you dress up as a nightmarish skeleton or Jim and Pam from “The Office”, everyone is bound to have a good time.