Falling into autumn trends; leaf your old trends behind


Photo provided by Hannah Brannigan

These “duck boots”, that are naturally waterproof as they are made with rubber, are expected to make an appearance.

Libby May, Features Editor

As summer draws to an end and the leaves begin to change, so does the clothing that is worn by students. When the weather changes, there will be no more sun dresses and daisy dukes. The dreaded cold will not permit exposed shoulders, but it will permit layers, which means more clothing.

The trends that are sprouting up around the Hereford zone include bean boots, ripped jeans, corduroy skirts, and overall dresses.

Bean boots, lfound at L.L.Bean and sold for $129.00, seem to be the go-to shoe this fall. Like last year, it is expected that many students will be sporting these “duck boots” rain or shine, as they are made with rubber, making them waterproof.

The brown and tan rubber-bottomed shoe are “super comfortable,” according to Hannah Brannigan (’19), an owner of bean boots. “They’re stylish and trendy and they look good with most things.”

Other shoes that students appear to like are “booties” (short boots with a heel) and slip-on sneakers, available at Steve Madden.

“[Slip-ons] match well with every outfit and give it something extra,” Isabella Peterson (‘19), who owns a pair herself, said.

Ripped jeans, which became popular around a year ago, still seem to be the perfect addition to a fall outfit.

“I like ripped jeans. I have a lot of them actually,” Andrianna Karvounis (’20).

But, according to Josie Baldwin (’18), an owner of these pants, loose ripped jeans, which appear to be seen the most, are not warm enough to be worn during this chilly season.

But what do you wear with the complicated “ripped jean?” Peterson gives her input as to what clothing goes well with these distressed pants.

“I usually wear ripped jeans with a tank top and sweater or cardigan,” she said.

On to the more dress-y side, corduroy skirts are another trendy garment this fall. This fuzzy fabric was first popular in the 1700’s, then came back in the 60’s and 70’s. Just like other clothes from our parents’ closets that seem to be coming back in to style, corduroy has come back in skirt form.

“I love corduroy skirts,” Brannigan said. “I think they’re really cute for the fall.”

“They’re really comfortable and easy to pair with different outfits,” Karvounis said.

Overall dresses, seen in denim, corduroy, or other fabrics are also popular. Usually with buckles on the straps and pockets on the stomach, this trendy dress has made its way from the late 70’s and 90’s into today’s crowded halls.

Although students seem to love overall dresses, there seem to be some discrepancy over the trendy “blast-from-the-past,” as Peterson calls it.

“I love overall dresses. They are super cute and comfortable,” Karvounis said.

“I think they’re in style but some people wear them with outfits they shouldn’t,” Peterson argues.

Ashley Albanese (‘21) would agree, saying that only some people can “pull off” overall dresses.

Although these trends are the most dominate, other popular trends that have appeared this fall season have been slip-on sneakers, choker necklaces, knotted t-shirts, and denim jackets.