How to do couples halloween costumes right


Nico Avila (’18) and Katrina Villanueva (’18) go to a Baltimore Oriole’s game and went to dinner after.

Sierra Webb and Maggie Parks, Reporter

Dressing as a sexy secretary and her boss seems like a typical girlfriend boyfriend costume. The girl throws on a pair of fishnet leggings, a tight blouse, and some black pumps. The guy wears black slacks or khakis and a nice button down shirt. But this year, one couple is doing things a little differently.

“I was thinking that Bruce would dress up as the secretary in a little skirt and I think that would be really funny,” said Maria Karvounis (’19), who has been dating Bruce Hoosier (’19) for six and a half months.

Hoosier plans to wear “a tight pencil skirt and glasses.”

Karvounis and Hoosier will be celebrating their first Halloween together and plan to make it an eventful night with a cross-gender costume.

This is the holiday that couples love. You can dress up as anyone and be anything that you ever wanted to be and not get ridiculed for wearing something a little out of the ordinary.  Cristina Dreechio (’22) and Chris Peddicord (’22) have been dating for two years, and while they are not sure what they want to do for Halloween costumes, Dreechio likes the idea of dressing up for the holiday.

“A lot of people do a ref or a soccer player,” Dreechio said.

Many couples like the idea of a joint costume but try to steer clear of anything stereotypical.

“Not something cliché, but I like the [costumes] that are cute, like Squints and the girl from ‘Sandlot,’” said Athena Sackleh (’18).

“We could be one of the guys from ‘Scooby-Doo’” said Liam Fox (’18) to girlfriend Athena.

As to what Bailey Perez (’20) and Nico Hillary (’20) are going as, Nico had a similar idea. “Maybe Scooby-Doo and Shaggy,” said Nico.

If you want to be in the know about what’s going to be popular this year look back at the newest, successful movies and TV shows. With the “Baywatch” remake being big in the box office just a few months ago, you can expect to see a fair share of couples in red suits and sunglasses on October 31st. Clowns should also be popular this Halloween, as they’ve made a comeback just in time for the holiday. “It” is a top seller in theaters so it’ll be no surprise seeing many couples wearing creepy white face paint and red noses.

It’s never easy to decide what to be for Halloween, especially when someone else has to agree.

“Mickey and Minnie Mouse?” Katrina Villanueva (’18) asked boyfriend Nico Avila (’18).

“I’m not doing that,” said Nico.