Summer schedules are hectic

Lily Cavallaro , Reporter


When I think about summer, the idea is relaxing on a beach, hanging out with friends, working a summer job to earn a little cash, lounging by a pool side, and just decompressing from the stress of school. That’s the point, right? Taking a break to kick back and regain mental health is the reason that summer break, for students around the world, was created. However, when reflecting on all the planning and preparing, it’s hard to ignore the fact that with summer, comes the pressure of feeling you have to make the most of your time off.

When I was younger, my summers involved “get your kids away from you for the week” camps, sports camps, visiting relatives, making plans with friends, family cook-outs, trips to the beach, and an annual vacation to New York. As I’ve gotten older, my summers have involved lacrosse tournaments every weekend for the first month and a half, practices three days a week, going to summer workouts for whatever high school sport is coming up in the fall, working a part time job during the week, trying to keep in touch with friends, planning trips and vacations, and finding time to visit family.

Obviously all of these activities are entertaining and productive things to be doing with my summer. And obviously, if it seems like it’s too much to keep up with, well that’s on me. But a partial reason for the busy schedule is due to the amped up idea of the “perfect summer.” And maybe the combination of all these things, do in fact, add up to the most fulfilled summer. But, what myself and many may forget, is it’s just as important to remember the relaxation factor of summer.

For example, planning a beach trip includes finding a house, packing clothes, food, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, boogie boards, umbrellas, beach bags, a cooler, and anything one might need for the beach. The stress of making sure you, and everyone accompanying you, packed everything possibly needed, and then assuring that it all made it to the car before you pull out of the driveway is probably more agonizing than figuring out what to write for a research paper and then having to follow the rubric word for word. And the last thing you want to happen, is to leave the house headed for your beach destination, and then realize your little sister forgot her bag.

Making the best of the time you have for summer is important, but it definitely takes away from the de-stressing. When planning and preparing for all your summer excursions, make sure you’re spending more time relaxing than you are stressing. Set aside the time to sit on the beach and look out at the ocean, bring a book along and make it a priority to relax and read, maybe even schedule a spa day, or lay in the grass and feel the warm sun on your skin. Whatever it may be, make it a primacy, because the last thing you want is for the summer to slip away because of your crazy busy summer schedule.