Students should be allowed to walk outside

Megan Lime

I remember freshman year when Hereford had trailers and classrooms separate from the main school building. On nice days, rainy days, hot days, cold days and snowy days we would walk outside to get to our classes located in the trailers. It was such a nice break to get away and enjoy the fresh air especially on nice sunny days in the spring and late school year.

We were also allowed to walk from class to class outside for example from an English class to the gym. It was a nice change of scenery from the cinderblock walls full of lockers.

Fast forward two years and this walking outside thing is something of the past and also something many people like the sophomores and freshman right now will never experience. This new renovation was a blessing but also a curse taking away the little freedom we had.

After being in the poorly lit building all day its so nice to walk to the lower lot feeling the sun in your face. Now imagine having that every day or every other day during the school day it just gives you a sense of relief.

I know there are concerns about danger and protecting the students but we still have ceremonies outside like the big Memorial Day ceremony that the For our Troops club hosts. Just stating the facts but it is more dangerous to have a big ceremony like that where the whole school is together in one small area.

It is first of all a bigger and easier target than a few students walking outside in between classes scattered around for less than five minutes. If anyone is thinking about harming the school in any way they would do it at an advertised event that the majority of the student body will be attending.

Also you may say it’s a hazard to have kids walking outside but I think its more of a hazard to have all the doors locked. Imagine if a group of kids did somehow get outsideand a real emergency did happen or someone approached the school with weapons those kids would not be able to get back into the building and would be stuck to face the intruder or run for their life.

It shouldn’t matter if the doors are locked or not there should be someone monitoring the outside and door cameras at all times so if there was a concern the doors could be locked as soon as possible.

Students need a break in the middle of the day even if it is for two minutes in between classes to be outside on a nice day.