Burrito Bison: Review

Paul Rapuzzi, Online Editor

Burrito Bison is a popular mobile game released by Kongregate Inc. on Oct. 6 of last year. The main objective of the game is to use one of the game’s three luchadores: Spank, Pineapple and El Pollo to fend off an invasion of gummy bears while flying across the screen.

The game is free to play but offers in-app purchases to any players willing to spend a couple of dollars.

Burrito Bison features a number of upgrades and bonuses to help the player smash more gummies and break through more and more walls. The game’s gummies and five unique villains each come with their own upgrades to make them more numerous and easier to K.O.

I picked up this game a few weeks after my friends started playing on their own phones and found out quickly why it was so addictive. The game drives players to push as far as possible across five levels with multicolored gummies and eventually break through walls made of cake to gain access to the next stage. With each launch of your luchador and the various power-up gummies scattered throughout each level the player is compelled to play again to earn more money for more power-ups or to push themselves a little bit farther than last time. There are also real recipes for foods such as salsa that can be unlocked in the later stages of the game.

I’m not the only one who has words of praise for Burrito Bison. According to “Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre: Review” by Andrew Duncan, Burrito Bison is “one of the best catapult-style games” and “has a one-more-go feeling.”

The game has been just as popular with my peers as it has elsewhere.

“I started playing [Burrito Bison] because I saw a lot of people doing it and decided to give it a try,” Jake Kline (’19) said. “I’d give it four [out of five] stars; it’s pretty unique but gets repetitive after a while.”

“I’d give it four [out of five] stars as it’s a really fun and addicting game, my only issue is with having to restart at the end of the game but overall it’s really fun,” Nick Simeone (’19) said.

Despite Burrito Bison’s addictive nature and its creative style of entertainment it does have short comings. Despite having multiple “worlds” and walls to breakthrough Burrito Bison has no endgame, effectively eliminating the drive to press onwards. There is also the fact that Kongregate Inc. tries to make up for this by adding a “time-travel” feature that completely reverses the progress the player has made in exchange for easier money making when you restart. While this does make it easier to get back up to where the player had been previously it’s pointless when you’ll just end up time traveling again.

Despite its weak points Burrito Bison is an enjoyable car ride pastime that becomes quickly addictive for new players with its entertaining power-ups, villains, characters and puns that earn it an eight out of ten from me.