We made it…to the most stressful time of the year

Emma Charles, Reporter

Here we are; last two weeks of school. Guys, we made it. These are two very exciting weeks. School’s coming to an end. So, that means parties on the weekends, no homework, going out with your friends every day after your sixth period class, no more deadly practices in the scalding heat, right? Wrong.

All that’s on our mind is summer…well almost all, if you don’t count the mounds of stress building up in the back of our minds as we brace ourselves for these final seven painful days of final exams, busy work so teachers can throw in a few final grades, and preparing for fall sports.

Finals. I mean I understand the necessity, assess the progress the students have made and measure the impact the teachers had on our scholarly career; in theory it’s beneficial. But, the toll they take on students is a big drawback. It’s sad that one day, one test, can make or break a final letter grade that you’ve worked tirelessly all year for.

There are really only two types of students this time of year. There’s the ones who put forth their best effort, the teachers’ ideal, those who pull the all-nighters studying to ace their tests. Or you’ve got the I’ve-just-given-up student, who at this point, just “can’t even” anymore. I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to fall into the latter category.

Busy work. Come on man, I’ve tried sufficiently hard all year, gotten my APs over with; give me a break. I see no point in useless packets, unrelated to finals. What is anyone getting out of it? It’s really a lose-lose situation for both parties involved. Teachers just build up their stacks of ungraded papers and students have to put in the effort of pretending to fill out worksheets. Let’s be real, even the smartest of the smart kids don’t want to do work that doesn’t improve their test scores.

Sports. This is a little controversial because I love the sports I play. I live for soccer in the fall. But dude, you’re really freaking me out talking about states five months and 15 days from now. I’m ready to give my all at summer training sessions and destroy the teams in the summer league, of course. But let’s just chill, I’d rather discuss a quick game of head-catch than stress about the possibility of me causing a turnover in a game that isn’t guaranteed yet (but will be).

It’s not all bad though. Well as long as you aren’t the perfectionist type because I imagine those poor souls’ heads are just exploding thinking about all the things they have to get together these next two weeks. But for all of us, the slackers and perfectionists too, we have a lot to look forward to. It’s been a slow crawl this year but the light the end of the tunnel is visible.

So for you reading this, you can do it. You can push through these last seven days. Because if I can get my sh*t together enough to crank out this blog in the state of “done” I’m in right now, really anything is possible.