Teenagers are forced to get summer jobs

Jen Barranco , Reporter

Lucky us… This year students will have the longest summer yet. Due to the lack of snow days, which at the time we all know we complained and begged for them, but I’m sure most of us are happy now. School ends June 9 and thanks to Larry Hogan we won’t start back up again until after Labor Day.

That is a solid three months of summer to do whatever we want. Three months to not wake up early. Three months without homework. Three months to lay outside and tan. Or so we think…

Parents’ now-a-days expect their children to get up off their lazy butts and go get a job. I’m sure most of you can relate. We all would rather have a whole summer to hang out with our friends and go to the beach or go shopping and sleep in. But that is unrealistic. The start of spring is like an alarm going off in our parents head. Thanks to this alarm, our parents will start constantly reminding us we need to go fill out applications and get a job.

As students this is probably the last thing we want to think about. As the school year comes to a close we have so many things to think about; AP tests, cramming for finals, and sports. I definitely don’t think I have room to start thinking about getting a job; it’s just too much to think about and do.

I don’t want to say having a job is all bad though. It is nice to have money to spend on clothes and food. Which let’s face it, that’s where most of my money goes. But I definitely think there should be an in-between. Jobs take up so much of your time and so much of your summer.  If I could find a job and only work for a couple weeks and still make bank that would be awesome. But that rarely happens.

As summer gets closer and closer our parents start to bug us more and more. Which let’s be honest makes us want a job less and less. We would all rather be hanging at the beach with our friends, going to concerts, staying up late into the night and then sleeping all day. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Too bad our parents won’t let that happen.

So let’s look at what jobs we could get, since we are being forced. There is lifeguarding, hostessing, bus-boy, babysitting, or working at a store. Most of jobs are so boring and don’t even pay well.

At least being a lifeguard you are outside and soaking up the sun. Whereas all the other jobs you are stuck instead totally wasting away the perfect summer weather. For all you know it could be winter and you wouldn’t be able to tell, besides what clothes the people are wearing. That would be a waste of a summer.

So parents please be nice next summer and stop bugging us about getting a job. Let us enjoy summer while we can and while we don’t have too many obligations, because before we know it we won’t have a summer anymore.