We Are Important

Megan Loomis, News Room Manager

Badminton, what a weird sport right? No one cares about it and anyone can do it.

I think that you are wrong, but that is just my opinion. It is not like the badminton team had a better record than the soccer team or made it farther in counties then the football team. Oh wait, that is true.

The mixed doubles, singles one, and girls doubles one made it to counties this past year. They received two second places and fourth place.

Yet despite this, the badminton team is not even on the school website. You also do not have to pay to get into our matches.

During a game there are five matches going on. Each match is best two out of three and they go to fifteen. There are eleven matches in totally and whichever school wins the most matches, wins the game.

The beginning of my freshman year the majority of the team was freshmen, only one returning girl and about twelve returning guys. Nobody was cut.

The team is made up of sixteen positions, singles one, two, and three both men and women, doubles one and two both men and women and one mixed doubles position.

This resulted in multiple freshmen playing starter positions. Freshmen year no one made it to counties but we did win the sportsmanship award. Then sophomore year two people made it to counties, junior year twenty people made it.

Despite all of this Joe Jira still did not announce when our matches were afterschool or congratulated on the announcements. When someone assisted a goal they were recognized but when the team is going to counties we get nothing.

Last year we shock multiple teams at your abilities as sophomores.

Our first year I always thought that our senior year we were going to destroy the county. Now that we are almost there I relies how possible that is. It used to be a joke to us but, now it is closer than ever.

At the beginning the girls on the team were shy and easygoing but now we are confident and put up a fight when we now we are correct.

We played Catonsville and I hate silence so, I started a conversation with the other players we were playing. We stopped often to just have fun. We got into a small argument over whether the birdie was in or out. So I thought of the idea of redoing the point. The other team thought that a redo could not be done. So I said that we would take the point and they were all of a sudden okay with the redo idea. Then we were also talking to a line judge if the last shot was going to be in or out. We were very friendly. We ended up having to go to a third game because of how distracted we got. So then the others teams couch waved her hand in my face telling me to be quite. I look at our couch and I could see him backing up. I then flipped out on her and did not hold anything back. She ended it with says ok and walking away.

When our game was over, you are supposed to walk up to your couch and tell them the score but I walked up to their couch instead and told her that we won in a sassy way. Later I found out that their player called our player a loser every time she messed up and they cheated on another game.

When we played Delaney, we are used to getting beaten by them but, this time we thought we could win but their women’s singles one cheated so much that I walked up to her after that game and confronted her. Every other point she thought it was in the direction she wanted.

Our team is not a push over team. We deserve the recognition for our wins and at least some support. We now make cuts and have many try out each year.

If someone thinks that they could still beat us. I will challenge you. You can play us I beat we will win.

If couch Walter cannot beat a women’s singles three I doubt you can.